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The Self reflective ELT workbook

If I could reveal one secret that keeps me sparkling after 20 years of teaching, it is reflecting on my teaching and myself.

Through time, I discovered that there are strategies that could help us cope with all that negative stress we pile up & all the external expectations and validation that we (apparently) had to fulfill to principals and the administration. This, right here, is my final «Fist-aid-kit for ELTeacher»!

«We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on our experience.» – John Dewey. 

Safari Animals - for preschool

Let’s go on a trip to a Safari to discover the most beloved animals for preschoolers.

This pack contains a set of 13 animals + 6 engaging games to play in your classrooms.

  • Identify & recognize safari animals.
  • Spy how many of them are there.
  • Assemble a pretty cootie catcher & play with friends & family.

For ESL/EFL Preschoolers or 1rst graders.

Telling the time games.

Some students don’t understand how to tell the time very well, some others can’t ever have enough! For those mix-level classes these two games will come in handy.

This set contains 2 different games:

  1. Identify & recognize the minutes in every number with labels suitable for real classroom clocks.
  2. A fantastic boardgame with cards, tokens & dice included.

For ESL/EFL young learners.

Ice Cream Flaps writing activities

In the marvellous world of Ice cream. Easy to engage in NO PREP activities.
  • Amazing opportunity for participation.
  • Interaction among students.
  • Atractive games.
  • Writing & speaking.

This product includes 3 activities:

  1. FLAP the scoop with personal questions to write then ask/answer.
  2. Create you own Ice Cream using dice, then describe it in groups.
  3. FLAP expository writing.

For ESL/EFL elementary level