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Hi! I'm Elda, the heart & soul of Miss E's classroom

Miss E’s classroom was born from two main ingredients: the dynamic duo of my PASSION for teaching young learners plus two decades of experience mastering the art of teaching English. I’m constantly perfecting my techniques.

But my story needed to be pointing in that direction first. For my first ten years, I taught teenagers and adults (mostly) in different language programs, so I acquired specific skills like: classroom management, how to conduct myself, language instructions, etc.

My story then took a funny twist when I moved to Spain with my husband in 2013, & despite my interviewers seeing in my C.V those ten years of adults/teenagers experience, that private school asked me if I could teach kindergarteners starting in less than a month.

 When I accepted, I almost fainted, felt nauseated, and now that I think about it, I may have had a panic attack! All I could think was that the last time I’d taught that level was when I was still a teacher-student. I was completely insecure, but I really needed the job; I was in a new country with no family or friends. 

In retrospect, I liked to put myself up to new challenges; after all, “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,” right?

Personally & professionally, it was a complete discovery. I didn’t know I had it in me, and I felt like I was born to do this, a hidden talent or skill I completely ignored that was patiently waiting for its opportunity to arise and show itself.

But even though it felt natural, it was not easy; I knew I had a huge disadvantage (compared to other teachers), making me work pretty damn hard. I invested in PD (Professional Development) courses, observed a lot & measured every step. Over the years, I’ve worked on that seed, and now it looks like a gorgeous tree, a bushy, evergreen, magical tree.

The resources I sell on T.p.T & tips I share on my blog & Instagram come from that learning journey.

All my resources had been carefully tested, trialed, and improved through the years by a children-approved system I developed. I take extra care that they meet their language goals.

In all these years of experience, I learned that:

“Teaching young learners is not only an act of telling facts, but it is the ART of being your true self, who you genuinely are with them… your essence, your view, your values, your ideas, your YOUniqueness.”

I also hold a 5-year degree in Education, plus a Master’s in TESOL and hundreds of courses from phonics, creating didactic material, and different ELT methodologies to teaching reading and speaking to Very young learners & young learners. I’m a certified ELT with experience in some countries, different types of schools (formal/alternative education) & settings.

Since in Spain, I’ve been teaching Kindergarten to 6th grade. This year, I’m teaching only preschool (from 2 – 5 years old kids) & training ELTs.

I hope you can serve from all the content I upload every month & if you LOVE what you see you & have tried any of my ELT resources, I invite you to subscribe to our monthly NEWSLETTER for special treats and extra love bomb on my part.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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