Engaging resources for English Language Teachers

As an English language teacher, there are several useful and practical items available on Amazon that can enhance your teaching experience and classroom effectiveness. Here are some top recommendations that I personally use:

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It is a transparent, reusable, and write-on/wipe-off pocket designed to hold worksheets, activity sheets, or other paper-based materials. has an open side or a flap where you can insert a worksheet or any printed material that you want to use multiple times. The transparent material allows you to see the content inside the pocket clearly. The beauty of this tool is that the markings made with the dry-erase markers can be easily wiped off using an eraser or a soft cloth, leaving the pocket clean and ready for the next use.

I love it because, by using dry-erase pockets, teachers can save time and resources by avoiding the need to print multiple copies of the same worksheet. Instead, they can reuse the same sheet with different students or in different lessons. This eco-friendly and cost-effective solution promotes sustainability and reduces paper waste.


Self-Adhesive Dots:

They are small, sticky circular discs used for various purposes, such as crafting, organizing, and fastening objects together without the need for additional adhesives. These versatile dots adhere to different surfaces, including paper, cardboard, and plastic, making them ideal for securing decorations, photos, and artwork, creating interactive learning materials, and keeping items in place. They provide a mess-free and efficient solution for tasks that require a temporary or semi-permanent attachment, offering convenience and ease of use in diverse applications.

I love it because it makes my classes more dynamic and interactive. I attach them to vocabulary words, flashcards, or manipulatives.


Paper Trimmer:

It is a tool used for precisely cutting paper and other materials to achieve clean, straight edges. It is commonly used in schools and in the English department where I work J. The trimmer has a sharp cutting blade mounted on a sliding carriage, so be careful to use it around kids.

I love it (instead of using scissors), because it鈥檚 a valuable tool for me and my material preparation, helping create all my learning resources. With its precise cutting capabilities, the paper trimmer allows me to quickly and accurately trim worksheets, flashcards, and activity sheets, resulting in professional-looking materials that engage students effectively in no time.


Wheel Utility Cart

It is a versatile and practical tool designed to transport various items efficiently and effortlessly. Typically equipped with wheels for easy mobility, this cart serves as a convenient solution for moving supplies, equipment, or materials from one location to another in the school.

I love it and can鈥檛 live without it because I have classes in different places at different hours as an English language teacher. With it, I can transport all my teaching materials, books, arts and crafts supplies, and technology devices, ensuring everything needed for lessons is readily accessible and reducing the need for multiple trips to fetch or put away items. This cart simplifies the organization and transportation of all my resources, making me efficient and physically healthy.


Door/Wall File Organizer

It is a practical storage solution designed to maximize space utilization and keep important documents such as observation journals from different classes & plannings easily accessible. This organizer typically hangs over the back of a door or on the wall. It features multiple pockets or compartments where files, papers, folders, and other supplies can be neatly stored and categorized.

I love it because I can keep all my classes well-organized and within reach. It enhances efficiency by reducing clutter, facilitating quick retrieval of materials, and promoting a tidy and organized learning environment.


The best items for an English language teacher may vary depending on your teaching style, grade level, and specific needs, but I share here with you the ones I have tried and have proven pretty effective to my dynamics, and maybe, you will be tempted to try to be more effective in your daily & hectic days of class. If you buy them on Amazon, always remember to read product reviews and compare different options (brands, styles, colors) to make better-informed choices about the items that will best suit your teaching goals.